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Collaborations and services

Our Departament is a departament of multidisciplinary character so much for referring to the composition of his equipment of researchers (chemists, biologists, agronomists...) as for his work with companies of the food, agricultural sector, acuícola, trade of nourishment and public and private entities, associations, etc.


Toxicity studies from cellular cultures and structural, applicable characterization so much to the pharmaceutical industry like the food one.

Organoleptic Evaluations, of storage tests, accused and packed of products, transformation and food production.

Tried minimum and V range: Value added to the products, utilization of respectful processes with the quality and minimization of the utilization of additives.

Market researches for companies related to the food sector: caterings, distributors, trades, etc. Among others studies they offer: analysis of prices of the demand, of production, on the consumer behavior, impact of agrarian policies, economic and envirnmental impact of the products.

Studies and design of facilities for the aquaculture: hydrodinamic characterization of flow in tanks of culturing, analysis of the dinamics of re suspension and sedimentation of biosolids, analysis of the level of activity and of the behavior of the fish, studies of viability of ls facilities.

Technical advice on the processes of the food industry: possibility of establishing contacts for doing investigación/technological transfer in the food industries. Projects of facilities for the food industries (constructions, workrooms, electrical facilities, cold chambers and air conditioning, steam, fuels..)

Plant protection: inside this service one offers works as the determination of the response of you plant to them environmental variations, the evaluation of the efficiency of phytosanitary chemists, microbiologic or derivatives, the determination of the toxicology in cells eukaryotes in cellular culturing, elaboration of maps geo-referenced and the characterization of phytosanitary equipments.

Genetic improvement for the organoleptic characters: This service is ideally indicated for the companies dedicated to the obtaining and distribution of seeds to which one offers them works as: the study of the variability of type of seeds, quiet characterization and selection, obtaining of new varieties, optimization of analytical conventional methods, technologies of conserve.