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Manual host for new doctoral students

1.1 Welcome from the Director of the Department

Welcome to the Department of Agri-Food Engineering and Biotechnology, your department. On behalf of the Direction Team and all those who are part of the Department, we hope that your integration being straightforward, while we offer our support to help you develop your activities that surely will help to achieve challenges that the Department has raised.

In this document you will find basic information about the Department and the University to facilitate a first contact. The more specific information can be found in different sources of information you will find mentioned in the text. We hope you enjoy your new phase in this new environment.

Francesc Xavier Sorribas Royo
Director of the Agri-Food Engineering and Biotechnology Departament

1.2 Presentation of the Department
The Department of Agri-Food Engineering and Biotechnology (DEAB) was created by resolution of the University Senate of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, on 2 April 2001 to integrate the faculty of the School of Agriculture of Barcelona (ESAB) from Consortium Industrial School of Barcelona, attached to the UPC. The constitution of DEAB took place in 2003. The DEAB has a structure and internal organization governed by the rules of the department approved by the University Senate of the UPC on 19 December 2003.

The DEAB has 17 areas of knowledge recognized: Cell Biology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Botany, Ecology, Economics, Sociology and Agricultural Policy, Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry, Agricultural Engineering, Physiology, Plant Physiology, Genetics, Immunology, Microbiology, Nutrition and Food Science, Animal Husbandry, Vegetable Production, Food Technology, Zoology. 

The staff of DEAB is comprised by 93 members, 75 Teaching and Research Staff (54 PhD's), 3 Researchers in training and 15 Administration and Services Staff. In the directory of the Department's website you can find the professional address and how to contact with all its members

The Management team of the Department is composed by: 

Director: Francesc Xavier Sorribas
Academic Secretary: Ingrid Masaló
Subdirector for Infrastuctures and Research: Montserrat Pujolà
Administration Responsible: Pilar Castellana
Administrative: Montserrat Mariné

The headquarter of the department is located at the ESAB, Campus Baix Llobregat UPC. 
The DEAB gives teaching first cycle and postgraduate studies. 

The bachelor’s degree studies are taught in Biosystems and Agri-Food Engineering in the specialties of Culinary and Gastronomic Sciences, Biosystems Engineering, Food Engineering, Agronomic Science Engineering and Landscape Architecture, and in Applied Science in the specialty of Marine Sciences and Technologies, and collaborates in the degrees of Biomedical Engineering and Aerospace Systems Engineering.

Postgraduate studies began the 2001-02 academic year with the Doctoral Programme Agri-Food Biotechnology and Sustainability. The 2008-09 academic year, with the adaptation of the EHEA, the structure has changed and also the name, nowadays Agri-Food Technology and Biotechnology. In the academic year 2006-07, and for the first time, concret themselves the specific configuration of the new university in the EHEA, with the launch of the official master in various graduate programs. Teaching is currently taught in the university master's programs of:

Biosystems and Agri-Food Engineering: Master's degree in Agricultural Engineering, in Aquaculture, and in Enabling Technologies for the Food and Bioprocessing Industry (KET4FOOD+BIO).

• Architecture, Urbanism and Building Construction:Master's degree in Landscape Architecture.

• Environment, Sustainability and Natural Resources: Master's degree in Environmental Engineering.

• ERASMUS Mundus Master’s Programme in Agricultural, Food and Environmental Policy Analysis (AFEPA).

• Specific degree UB-UPC: Sensory Sciences in Food
The research of the DEAB is channeled through Recognized Research Groups, coordinated by members of the DEAB, and by participation in other Recognized Research Groups and Research Centers:

a) Research Groups DEAB:

GINEMQUAL - Integrated Management of Nematodes, Phytoparasites and Effects on Harvesting Performance and Quality.

SPAq - Aquaculture Production Systems

UMA - Agricultural Machinery Unit

b) Other Groups and Research Centers with the participation of DEAB members::

CREDA (UPC-IRTA) - Centre for Agrifood Economics and Development. Its aims is to promote research and providing technical assistance in the areas of economics and social sciences applied to food industry.

FMA - Miquel Agustí Foundation. Has as main objective research for the conservation, improvement and promotion of  the traditional agricultural varieties of high organoleptic value from Catalonia.

BIOCOM-SC - Computational Biology and Complex Systems Group

TECTEX - Textile Technology Research Group

Research Group in Malherbology and Plant Ecology (UdL)

• TERRA - Technology, Environment and Resource Recovery for Agriculture (IRTA)

The Department also participates in the governing bodies of the entities linked to the UPC:

• Board of Trustees of the CREDA and the Miquel Agustí Foundation

Likewise, it also collaborates with other coordination and orientation entities of agri-food research:

Triptolemos Fundation: your aim is the development and promotion of agri-food activities to facilitate the compliance about the objectives of man food rights (FAO Barcelona Declaration 1992).

XRAq (Xarxa de Referència en Aqüicultura): Network formed by UB, UAB, UPC, IRTA and CSIC, with the aim of carrying out high level research and development in aquaculture.

1.3 Getting information about the Department
To obtain information about the Department, the first source of information is the website, where you will find the main data, addresses and telephone numbers of all its members, information about the Doctoral Program, Postgraduate Official Programs, the list of official positions in the department, etc.

PhD students have the right to a UPC email address that is delivered during the research period ( Once you have the email address, you will be notified to the administrator in charge of the program ( to give priority to the distribution of the corresponding list..
2.1 Governance Bodies

The DEAB is structured in accordance with the provisions of the legislation, the Statutes of the UPC and its Regulations. The Governing Bodies are:

 •     The Department Council

 •     The Department Board

 •     The Management Team, and

 •     The Academic of Doctorate Program Committee

2.1.1 The Department Council
It is the governing body and the maximum representation from the DEAB. The single-member bodies comprising the Department, the administrator, representatives of the PDI, the PAS and the PhD students and who received education in the academic year.
2.1.2 The Department Board
It is the collegial permanent  organ of the Department. Integrated for The single-member bodies comprising the Department, the administrator, PDI's representatives elected by the PDI and who are members of the Council, also from the PAS, the PhD student and and who received education in the academic year, elected by the Council  Department.
2.1.3 The Management Team
It is responsible for the management and operation of regular DEAB. Integrated by  the Director, the Academical Secretary, the Subdirector for Research and Coordinator of the PhD program, and the administrator to the Department.
2.1.4 The Academic of Doctorate Program Committee
It is the body responsible for the ordinary management of the PhD program. Is integrated by the Coordinator of the PhD program, the responsible administrative, a representative of each of linked Masters to the Doctoral Program and a representative of the program student.
3.1 How to come to the Baix Llobregat Campus (CBL).
You can see how to get at the CBL by train, car or bus on the Web
3.2 Accommodation.

The Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya  has five universitary residences for students: three in Barcelona, one in Terrassa ( and one in Vilanova i la Geltrú (

Likewise, the universities of Barcelona have signed an agreement with the company Barcelona Housing Service for Students (BHSS) that is the central reservation of Barcelona University Centre (BCU). This center specializes in hosting students. We recommend that you contact the BHSS one month in advance in order to specify the type of accommodation (shared apartment, rental apartment or residence). His website is

3.3 Libraries and documentation UPC.

Its main objective is to meet the specific needs, in person and/or virtual form, technic and scientific information, learning, research and continuing education. You can find more information at

In the Baix Llobregat Campus, the Library, is located in Building Services Campus. Its entrance is on the groundfloor and his website is

3.4 ICT Services  (ATIC).
It is responsible for collecting and resolving all incidents and queries that users have in the use of ICT services administered by UPCnet. You can find more information at
3.5 Spaces DEAB into ESAB.

3.5.1 Research laboratories:
The Department has 24 research laboratories, including the Analysis Unit. To have access to these dependencies, the tutor must authorized you, in case the work you need to do requires the use of these spaces (see Annex 1).
3.5.2 PDI Offices:
office number at the entrance of the ESAB (see Annex 2). To contact the Department's PDI you can find their data on the Department's website (location, telephone number and office number),
3.5.3 Agròpolis:
It is the space where the Park for research in periurban agriculture and biotechnology located in Viladecans has been located.
3.5.4 Computer classrooms Unit:
The ESAB building has computers for the use of the students from the School and the Department.
3.6 General Servicies UPC

• UPC Card: The Card certifies you as a member of the UPC and offers a whole series of services, such as access to the library, and book lending, among others. The request for this card is processed through the Digital Identity Service. You can find more information at the address

• Sport Service. UPC service that contributes to promoting sport and health

• You can find more information about the different services offered directly or indirectly by the University on the main page of the UPC

For any doubt you may have, you can contact the administrative officer of the doctoral program of our department, Ms. Montserrat Mariné, at 935 521 119 or by email at

The ESAB building is open from Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. To access spaces outside established working hours (nights, weekends, holidays ...), contact your guardian.

Since our department is located on the Baix Llobregat Campus of the UPC, the characteristics and services catalog of the Baix Llobregat Campus can be found on the website, as well as information about the Mediterranean Technology Park

ANNEX 1 Research Laboratories Location
Research Laboratories
Lab. de material S102A
Planta Pilot Industries
S102B, S102C
Planta Transformadora d'Aliments
S102D, S102E
Lab. Peixos
S103A, S103B
Preparació Vegetals
Lab. Assecat Vegetals
Lab. Incubació Residus
Preparació Mostres Residus
Preparació Mostres Sòls
Lab. Macroanàlisi Química I
Lab. Microanàlisi
Lab. Anàlisi d'Aliments
Lab. PCR
Lab. Biologia Molecular
Lab. Biotecnologia
Lab. Microbiologia
Lab. Bioreactors B-015
Lab. Física Sòls
Lab. Materials B-017
Lab. Maquinària B-018
Lab. Observació i Microscopía B-019
Lab. Sanitat Vegetal
Lab. Biologia Vegetal
Lab. Anàlisi Sensorial
Lab. Modelització Simulació
Lab. Enginyeria de Fluids
FIRST FLOOR (building classrooms)
Unitat d'Anàlisi
ANNEX 2 Localition Full-time PDI
Surname, Name
Num. Office
Surname, Name
Num. Office
Achaerandio, Isabel
Hernández, Eduard B-034
Alfranca, Oscar
Iranzo, Francisco B-033
Almirall, Toni
Izquierdo, Jordi
Balanyà, Teresa
Jímenez, Patrícia 1-139
Bosch, Àngel
Kallas, Zein
Cañameras, Núria
Majó, Joan
Carazo, Núria


Maldonado, Lluís
Carbó, Rosa
Mas, Maite 1-123
Claramunt, Josep


Masaló, Ingrid
Coll, Teresa
Mestres, Josep B-035
Colominas, Manel
Oca, Joan 1-143
Comas, Jordi
Ornat, César
Fàbregas, Xavier
B-049 Pujolà, Montse
Fanlo, Raúl
Raventós, Mercè B-050
Flos, Rosa
Reig, Lourdes
Flotats, Xavier
Romero del Castillo, Roser
Gil, Chema
Sabaté, Josep
Gil, Emilio
Sepulcre, Francesc
Gorchs, Gil
Serrano, Lydia
Gordún, Elena
Sorribas, Xavier


Gras, Anna
Verdú, AMC
Hereter, Agnès

B= ground floor; 1= first floor