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Registration and validation

When may I register?
There are two registration periods:

1) In the first semester: September (*)
2) In the second semester: February (*)

(*) The exact dates can be consulted in the academic calendar
Can I enrol outside the standard enrolment periods?

Yes, provided that you obtain authorisation from the coordinator of the doctoral programme and submit the documentation required to complete the enrolment procedure.

What should I enrol for?
This link will give you all the information regarding what you can enroll in depending on the Royal Decree which you are linked.
Is there a time limit for completing the taught stage or the bridging courses?

The bridging courses and the 60 credits of the taught stage must be completed in two academic years. Students who do not complete the necessary bridging courses or the full study load of the taught stage within this time limit will be withdrawn from the doctoral programme. If you are withdrawn, you may request admission to the associated university master’s degree and re-apply for the research stage of the doctoral programme once you have completed the full study load of the master’s degree.

Where do I enrol?

You should formalize your enrolment to the unit (department, centre or institute) in charge of the doctoral programme. Once your application has been verified it will be processed. You will then need to pay the corresponding fees to formalise the enrolment. If your application cannot be processed because you have not submitted all of the required documentation, or if additional documentation is required, you will be duly notified and given ten days in which to provide any missing documentation.


You can obtain a list of programmes from the unit in charge of the doctoral programme.

How much does it cost to enrol for doctoral studies?

Consult the section on enrolment fees. The cost is regulated by the Generalitat de Catalunya, which sets the fees for the provision of academic services by public universities in Catalonia.

How do I pay the enrolment fees?

You can pay in cash at any branch of a bank that has a specific payment agreement with the UPC. You can also set up a direct debit from an Spanish account. And you can also pay by credit card or línia oberta online banking via the e-Secretaria service.


In this link you will find more information.

How do I set up the direct debit?

In addition to completing your bank details on the enrolment form you should:

a) have the enrolment form stamped by your bank, or
b) provide a photocopy of a document that identifies you as the account holder.

Can I pay in two instalments?

Yes, in both semesters.

Can I request the reimbursement of enrolment fees? How and when do I submit the request?

The conditions and periods for the reimbursement of enrolment fees are established in the UPC’s annual budgetary arrangements. Requests for reimbursement of enrolment fees must be submitted to the unit in charge of the doctoral programme, within the established period. Once the amount to which you are entitled has been confirmed, the request will be forwarded to the Academic Management Service so that the reimbursement can be processed.

Can I make changes once I have completed the enrolment procedure?

Only if they are required due to changes in the organisation of the programme, and subject to approval by the coordinator of the doctoral programme.

I am carrying out a research placement at the UPC. Can I enrol for doctoral studies?

The academic committee may endorse the enrolment of students from outside the doctoral programme who are involved in a short-term research placement at the university. By granting admission, the academic committee ensures that your work will be recorded and monitored and that you have access to the resources required for your research. As a registered doctoral student, you will also be eligible to apply for any grants or scholarships applicable to your placement and to take out compulsory student insurance.

Can I change to another doctoral programme?

Yes, you can change to another doctoral programme, but you must apply for a place and be granted admission. Once you have received confirmation of admission to the new doctoral programme you should notify the unit in charge of the programme on which you are currently enrolled. If no objections are raised, you will be issued a document signed by the programme coordinator authorising the closure of your academic record for the current doctoral programme.

You should keep copies of the confirmation of admission to the new programme and the document authorising withdrawal from the current programme, together with all enrolment documentation.

Do I have to enrol every academic year?

No, but if you do not enrol you will not be considered as a UPC doctoral student for the duration of that academic year.

Can I receive credit recognition for official postgraduate studies I have already completed?

You can only apply for credit recognition if you are enrolling for a doctoral programme governed by Royal Decree 1393/2007. The credits must have been obtained as part of a second-cycle or first-and-second-cycle engineering degree organised under the pre-EHEA regulatory framework for higher education in Spain. You cannot apply for recognition of credits obtained as part of a first-cycle degree or an EHEA bachelor’s degree or for previously validated, recognised or adapted credits.

How do I include recognised credits in my academic record?

To include recognised credits in your academic record you will need to enrol those credits in the enrolment period or periods after the ruling and pay the corresponding fee.