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Other questions

Who is entitled to student insurance?

Spanish students aged 28 years or under who are formally enrolled on a doctoral programme in Spain. Student insurance covers the entire doctoral studies period, including the taught stage, the research stage, and the preparation and defence of the doctoral thesis, provided that the general conditions are met. Student insurance is also available to students aged 28 and under from the following countries, which have specific agreements with Spain for this purpose: Andorra, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Guinea, Haiti, Iraq, Jordan, Morocco, the Netherlands, the Philippines, Portugal, Syria, the United Arab Emirates and countries in Latin America.


School insurance is compulsory and covers the full academic year.

What coverage does student insurance provide?

Detailed information about compulsory student insurance can be found on the following page:

What should I do if I am not entitled to student insurance?

You should take out a private insurance policy. Details of suggested providers can be found on the following page: