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Homologation of the doctoral degree

If my doctoral degree was not issued by a Spanish university, how can I homologate it in Spain?

The rector of the UPC is legally empowered to grant homologation of doctoral degrees. The procedure and the documentation required for the homologation of a doctoral degree at the UPC are explained below.

a) How do I request homologation of my doctoral degree in Spain?

Requests for homologation of foreign doctoral degrees must be accompanied by the following documentation:


And you must submit the application and the documentation listed in section b) to the Doctoral School.


The homologation fee (see the section on enrolment fees) must be paid before the administrative procedure can begin.
b) What documentation do I need?
  • A copy of the thesis in electronic format
  • A certified copy of your passport or national identity document (Spanish citizens only).
  • A certified copy of the doctoral degree certificate for which homologation is being sought or of the document accrediting the issue of that certificate.
  • A certified copy of your academic record, which must include the duration of the course of study in academic years, the subjects taken and the credits awarded for each subject (or the study load in hours, if no credits were awarded).
  • A report outlining the thesis content, written in Catalan/Spanish and English, as well as an original copy of the thesis or the official link to the university at which it was published. The report should include the names of the examiners and the mark awarded.
  • Other documents may also be requested if they are considered necessary to demonstrate the equivalence between the course of study leading to the foreign qualification and the course of study in Spain.


You can obtain certified copies of your documentation by taking the originals and photocopies to the Doctoral Studies Office. Once the original documents have been verified the copies are certified immediately.

c) How do I prove my degree has been homologated? How long does homologation take?
Homologation is granted by express ruling of the rector of the UPC, who issues the corresponding accreditation using the standard format approved by the University Coordination Council, which displays the foreign doctoral qualification held by the interested party. You should note that the homologation process can take up to six months.