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Certificates and diplomas

How do I request a certificate or transcript?

Certificates, transcripts and other official academic documents can be obtained via the e-Secretaria service.

How do I legalise a Spanish transcript or degree certificate for a country outside the European Union?

Information on legalising official Spanish academic documents for countries outside the European Union can be found in the section on legalisation.

What is and how do I obtain the provisional doctoral degree certificate (CTT)?

The CTT is a provisional certificate issued to students who have completed their doctoral studies. It displays the date of the thesis defence, the specific qualification obtained and the date on which the request for issue of the doctoral qualification was approved.


The provisional certificate confers the same rights as the definitive doctoral degree certificate, is provided at no cost and can be legalised via the standard diplomatic channels. Requests for provisional certificates should be sent to the administrative unit of the doctoral programme.


Provisional certificates are issued in approximately 15 days, provided that the Doctoral Studies Office has received the corresponding record of assessment and the student has paid the fee for the issue of the doctoral qualification at the administrative unit of the doctoral programme.

What is and how do I obtain the academic record transfer certificate?

The academic record transfer certificate contains your complete academic record and all specific achievements corresponding to the period of doctoral studies and is issued for the sole purpose of academic record transfer to another university.


To obtain the certificate you must provide at the management unit the original copy of the document confirming admission to the doctoral programme at the university to which you are transferring. You can request the certificate via the e-Secretaria service.